Yoko Otoshi - Side Drop

Gokyo No Waza #19
   Judo Fundamentals  
  Kumikata - Migi          Shizentai - Migi  


  From migi jigotai step directly forward, using your hands and body movement to attempt to break Uke’s balance to his ma ushiro (straight back). Uke, whose balance is now endangered, will likely lean further forward in an effort to not be driven backwards too far. Utilizing this movement, break his balance to his direct front (ma mae).  


  Once Uke has adopted a fully defensive position, then advance your left foot close to his right outer ankle and place your right foot deep between Uke's legs.   This foot placement coincides with your dropping to the mat onto your left side.

In order for this technique to be fully effective, you must have Uke in motion toward your left, time the placement of your left leg blocking Uke's right as it lands on the mat, and maintain a strong pull with your left arm as your right drives Uke's lapel directly toward Uke's right shoulder.

A simple modification of your hand placement can make this technique stronger by releasing your left hand from Uke's sleeve and grabbing his belt from over or under the arm, as you step into Uke and begin your drop to the mat.


  As you sit on the mat, pull Uke tightly to your left side with your left hand. Don't pull Uke directly to you as you will end up on the bottom as you both land on the mat. In one continuous motion, beginning with the instant your leg lands on the mat, begin to roll towards your left onto your stomach. Your left arm, while still maintaining a grasp of Uke's belt or sleeve, will cause him to fall beside you as you roll over to secure your hold down and complete the throw.

As long as your right arm continues to drive Uke's lapel so that there is sufficient space between you and Uke, Uke should land forcefully on his back to your left as you roll to cover him.
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