Yama Arashi - Mountain Storm

Gokyo No Waza #48
   Judo Fundamentals  
  Kumikata - Migi          Shizentai - Migi  


  The Kumikata for this throw is unique. Grasp Uke’s gi with your left hand at his right elbow as in a normal right side grip. With your right hand, grasp Uke’s right lapel. Notice that you are grasping across Uke’s center line. This is only legal for three to five seconds in Shiai and a technique must be attempted in that time or you may receive a penalty.

From migi shizentai step back with your left foot and break Uke’s balance to migi mae sumi by using tsurikomi on his right lapel and right sleeve.

Bring your left foot in front of his left foot, passing it behind your own right foot. At this point you should both be facing almost in the same direction. With your right hand wrapped in Uke’s right lapel. Your kuzushi as well as your hip and leg placement are essentially identical to that of Harai Goshi.


  Pull Uke with your left hand holding his sleeve and break his balance to migi mae sumi even further, while your right hand on his right lapel assists with tsurikomi.

Now you should have close contact between your bodies - with your right armpit, hips and thighs pressing against Uke’s torso from chest to stomach. Now lower your hips slightly and at this moment extend your right leg outside his right leg. With the back of your right thigh sweep his right thigh outwards and upwards - while simultaneously twisting your body to the left and pulling Uke forward and downward with both hands.

With proper tsurikomi Uke is about to be lifted onto your hips as in Harai Goshi. 


  To complete the throw, continue to pull Uke around your outstretched leg as in Harai Goshi so that Uke is placed on the mat at your left foot. Uke will land on his back in front of you.  
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