Uchi Mata Sukashi - Inner Thigh Avoidance

Gokyo No Waza #52
   Judo Fundamentals  
  Kumikata - Migi         Shizentai - Migi  


  The kuzushi for this technique is generated by Uke’s attempt and throwing you in Uchi Mata.  


  Since this is a counter throw, there is little you need to do to initiate this action, but respond appropriately, and Uke will execute a self-throw for you. 

As Uke attacks with a right side Uchi Mata attempting to sweep your left leg from the mat, side step slightly with your right foot so that you are about 6 inches further outside of Uke then when the attack was initiated. As Uke pulls your shoulders forward and around for the technique, don’t release your grip of Uke’s gi but lean forward slightly to accommodate.

As Uke’s sweeping leg ( Uke’s Right Leg ) approaches, turn your left knee inward and out of the way of Uke’s sweeping leg.  As Uke’s drive carries the leg higher, place your left leg back on the mat. At this point, Uke should be standing on the left leg, bent forward so that the body and right leg are at the same level and parallel to the mat. Your grips have not changed.


  To execute the throw, continue to allow Uke to drive forward but now add to it by pushing forward with your left hand on Uke’s sleeve and pulling Uke’s lapel back with your right hand as if to turn a wheel.  This added momentum should allow Uke to perform the last half of the circle in the air in front of you and land at your feet with the feet pointing away. The technique at this point is very much like that of Uki Otoshi.  
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