Uchi Mata Makikomi - Inner Thigh Winding

Gokyo No Waza #64
   Judo Fundamentals  
  Kumikata - Migi        Shizentai - Migi  


  Uchi Mata Makikomi is used as a modification of Uchi Mata. This is a favored throw because of the control that you are able to exert over the head and shoulders of Uke. The kuzushi is towards Uke’s migi mae sumi. As Uke is off balance to the right front corner, his left foot should rise up off of the mat. Draw Uke towards you with your left hand. Your right hand will lift Uke’s lapel as you step in with your right foot.   You should be perpendicular to Uke at this point with Uke on his toes and off balance directly forward.  


  Once Uke is off balance, release your grip of Uke’s lapel with your right hand. There are two places you can secure your grip with your available right hand. The first placement is to continue to pull Uke forcefully with your left hand so that your right armpit comes into contact with Uke’s right arm about where the shoulder and right bicep meet. Clamping your right arm down on Uke’s right arm will secure your grip for the first option. The second alternative is to encircle your right arm around Uke’s neck and right shoulder. This will give you control of Uke’s head and make countering this throw much more difficult.

As you secure your right arm, step forward with your right foot near Uke’s right foot and then bring your left foot along side of it to position your driving leg. Once your left foot is in place, swing your right leg back so that the back of your right thigh comes in between Uke’s legs and makes contact with the inside front of Uke’s left leg.

Special Note: The tighter you wrap Uke around you and the more of his neck, shoulder, and arm you control, the better the throw will be and the more difficulty Uke will have in attempting to avoid your technique.

Insert your right leg deep between Uke’s legs and catch him against his left inner thigh.


  As you continue to twist toward your left, sweep your right leg up so that Uke is lifted by this leg. To execute the throw, continue to twist to your left. As you do, Uke’s feet will leave the mat. Lower your right shoulder to the mat which will offer Uke no option but to fall on the mat just off your right shoulder because you have wrapped or wound Uke around you and left no space for Uke to create an escape.  
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