Tawara Gaeshi - Rice Bag Reversal

Gokyo No Waza #45
   Judo Fundamentals  
  Kumikata - Migi          Shizentai - Migi Jigotai  


  Tawara Gaeshi is performed as a counter against Uke reaching for your right leg when standing in migi jigotai as if to attempt morote gari. As Uke reaches for your right leg, retreat your left leg back slightly allowing Uke to grab your right leg. Grab the back of Uke’s belt with your left hand and hook under his left arm with your right.   Your right arm should encircle Uke’s chest from under the arm.  


  Once you have a secure grasp of Uke with both of your arms, use Uke’s forward momentum against him by rolling onto your back. As you recline to the mat, tuck Uke’s head under your right arm and pull forcefully back with your left hand on the back of his belt. Uke should be pulled over your left shoulder as you rock onto your back.  


  To complete the throw, pull on the back of Uke’s belt until he has completed his roll across your chest and lands on his back perpendicular to you. You will also end up on your back on the mat with Uke’s momentum pulling you onto your side in his direction.  
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