Seoi Otoshi - Shoulder Drop

Gokyo No Waza #47
   Judo Fundamentals  
  Kumikata - Migi          Shizentai - Migi  


  From a right kumi, begin by pulling with your left hand high and around toward your left causing Uke to lose balance toward his right front corner and step with his right foot. Your right hand which is grasping the left lapel pulls toward and around your own left shoulder. Both hands work in unison to force your partner onto his toes and becoming off balance.  


  As Uke steps and commits to placing his right foot on the mat, turn to the left with your left foot and to the outside of Uke's right foot with your own. Your right foot should be placed well behind Uke's right foot and you should now be facing the same direction as Uke. Your posture now resembles that of a 100-meter dash sprinter since your torso is leaning forward with your left leg supporting you and your right extended behind you.

The grip you take can be like Ippon or Morote Seoi Nage for this technique but many feel that the Ippon grip is most effective for it's control. This stance is the same as the one that you find yourself in when attempting Tai Otoshi or Soto Makikomi but along the side of Uke and not across the front.


  To execute the throw, push yourself forward by straightening your right leg which is stretched out along the right side of Uke and bring both arms down and around as if to put them in your left pocket. Uke will land at your feet with you still in a crouched position. Uke will nearly land under you by the strong pull of your hands.  
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