Senior Promotions



  Your promotion test includes a written test and physical test.  However, you must also have demonstrated during your regular practice "Jita Kyoei" or "Mutual Benefit and Welfare".  This means that you regularly and willingly give of yourself in order to make others better. This in turn, makes you better. If you have mastered Jita Kyoei, you are 1/3 of the way to your next promotion.

The full written test is included on each rank webpage with the answer blanks filled in for you to use as your study guide. Remember, if you don't pass the written test, you can only blame yourself as all of the answers are provided for you here. At the bottom of the written portion of the exam, you will note the required number of techniques for each category.

When Should I Test?

  If you feel that you are ready to test, during class, ask me when I think you will be ready to test. I will gladly share with you my thoughts on your progress as well as what areas I would like to see you work on.  We typically hold promotions every three months.  There is a minimum time-in-grade requirement for each rank.  This is posted at the top of each rank webpage.  

What To Bring To The Test

  On test day, please provide a written list of the names of each technique you would like to be tested on. DO NOT forget this list!!!  There are 67 officially recognized throws in Judo.  You can pick which ones you know well and want to be tested on.  The same holds true for hold-downs, chokes, etc.  You decide what techniques you want to be tested on.  

What Else Counts Toward Your Promotion?

  You might be wondering what exactly am I looking for as your instructor when you are being tested for promotion. Here are the key points.  
  1. How long has it been since your last promotion?
    A. Do you compete and how well have you been improving?
    B. Are you at practice regularly?
    C. When you are at practice, do you goof-off or work hard?
  2. What are you doing about your Judo knowledge?
    A. Do you look at books, websites, attend camp, etc. to improve your Judo knowledge outside of class?
    B. You are expected to share your knowledge with the class during teaching time.
    C. If you know a technique, you can ask to teach it to demonstrate your understanding.
  3. What is your attitude about Judo?
    A. Do you cut up and play on the exercise equipment in class or do you stay on the mat and practice your Judo?
    B. Do you make an honest effort to help others?
    C. Do you listen and learn, or play during teaching time and then ask questions about the materials you missed?
  4. Failure is an option!!!
    A. The following list will show the minimum written test score needed before continuing to the practical test.
        Do not expect to continue your test if you cannot meet this minimum score.
    B. Allowances will be made if you excel in Shiai or have extra time in grade well beyond the minimum.
    C. I will also make allowances for the practical portion of the test if you are excelling.

Minimum Passing Scores for Written Tests

  Rokkyu = 60%
Gokyu = 70%
Yonkyu = 70%
Sankyu = 70%
Nikyu = 70%
Ikkyu = 80%
Shodan = 85%

Other Information

  USJA Promotion Requirements (PDF)