O Uchi Gari - Major Inner Reap

Gokyo No Waza #7
   Judo Fundamentals  
  Kumikata - Migi          Shizentai - Migi  


  From a right natural posture advance your left foot a little - perhaps half your normal step - while at the same time slightly pushing Uke with your right hand against his lapel. This will set and keep Uke in his right natural posture. Pull Uke towards his left front corner (hidari mae sumi), your right rear corner, with your right hand holding his left-side lapel. Uke will advance his left foot in a larger-than-normal step.  


  As Uke steps with his left foot, his body should move into position just off or your right hip. With Uke's step, you should be perpendicular to Uke with your right leg being about between Uke's legs. At the moment when his left foot is on the point of touching the mat, quickly extend your right leg side-ways so the back of your right knee contacts the back of his left leg.  


  As your right leg is attacking Uke's stance, your left hand should be lifting Uke's right elbow high and towards his left rear corner. Your right hand should be driving Uke's left lapel over his own left shoulder and then down towards the mat immediately behind Uke's extended left foot. Reap his leg towards your own right rear corner.  Your right leg should make an arc, levering his leg up and away from the mat. Push Uke directly downwards with both hands.

Uke will fall to his back with his legs spread wide and you between them. Make conscience effort to drive Uke to the mat while maintaining control. Uke's landing position should be towards your right rear corner compared to your original stating position.
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