O Uchi Gaeshi - Major Inner Reversal

Gokyo No Waza #57
   Judo Fundamentals  
  Kumikata - Migi        Shizentai - Migi  


  Uke starts by attacking your left leg with O Uchi Gari. Since both of you have a normal right hand grip, this technique will benefit you best if the correct timing and kuzushi is applied. Uke is extending your left lapel back toward your left rear corner and your right elbow up and in the same direction.       

In order to retain your balance and stave off Uke’s attempt to throw you in O Uchi Gari, lift your left foot and while turning ¼ turn to the left, step out towards your left rear corner. 


  As Uke’s right foot approaches your right leg to execute O Uchi Gari, step back with your left foot as described above. This will create space between you and Uke. You should now be turned towards your left about ¼ turn.  

With your left leg out of the way of Uke’s reaping leg and your body now turned ¼ turn to the left, concentrate your energies on your hands. With you right hand, drive toward what is now your left front corner and with your left hand, pull Uke’s right sleeve towards your left hip. Your turning motion with your hands should be counter clockwise so that you force Uke’s right leg to be planted on the mat.


  To execute the throw, continue to turn Uke with your hands to cause Uke to fall to the mat at your left foot. The essence of this counter is to move your leg just as Uke extends it and then turn Uke as if to throw Uki Otoshi. Your throwing motion is similar to that of Ko Soto Gari.  
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