O Soto Otoshi - Major Outer Drop

Gokyo No Waza #44
   Judo Fundamentals  
  Kumikata - Migi          Shizentai - Migi  


  From a right natural posture make Uke step forward on his right foot by pulling him gently towards his right front corner with your left hand. The setup and off-balance to O Soto Otoshi is identical to that of O Soto Gari. For this reason, your left hand will drive Uke's right sleeve down toward your hip and your right hand will lift Uke's lapel up toward his ear in the direction of his migi ushiro sumi.  


  As Uke transfers his weight to his right foot, begin to drive Uke's right elbow down towards his hip so that his weight is planted firmly on his right foot. Use your right hand to drive Uke's left lapel towards his right rear corner. At this point, Uke's weight should now be placed on the back outer corner of his right heel. While you are making a strong drive to off-balance Uke, step wide of Uke's right foot with your left so that there is ample room to swing our right foot through. The direction of movement should be towards Uke's right rear corner. To much to the rear or to the side and the effectiveness of the technique is diminished.

Now that your right leg has swung past Uke's right, place your right foot on the mat and continue to drive with your hands and hips as if performing O Soto Gari.  The movement of the right leg doesn't reap strongly lifting Uke but more knocks Uke's leg out from under him so that Uke falls directly toward the mat.

Special Note: As this technique is an 'Otoshi', Uke is not lifted in the air by the action of your right leg but is merely cut down and dropped directly to the mat.

Keep your right shoulder in close contact with Uke’s as you proceed through the technique.  Synchronize the action of your driving leg with a strong downward pull with your left hand holding his right sleeve, together with a reinforcing push to his right back corner with your right hand holding his left lapel.

An alternate grip would include releasing your right hand and without gripping Uke’s gi, drive it over Uke’s left shoulder as if to cycle or “clothes line” Uke with your right arm.


  Uke will fall directly backwards or to his right rear corner, with his legs lifting slightly up into the air, by the force of your movement. You should maintain close shoulder to shoulder contact with Uke all of the way to the mat. The driving force of your hands should be straight down and Uke should drop (Otoshi) straight down over your leg. Upon hitting the mat, your arms and torso's position should very much resemble Kesa Gatame.  
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