O Soto Makikomi - Major Outer Winding

Gokyo No Waza #63
   Judo Fundamentals  
  Kumikata - Migi        Shizentai - Migi  


  Push Uke towards his right rear corner (migi ushiro sumi) as if to start into O Soto Gari. The kuzushi is performed by driving your left hand down towards Uke’s right hip and your right hand over Uke’s left shoulder and back towards migi ushiro sumi. 

As Uke senses that you are attacking with O Soto Gari, he will leave his right foot back and lean into you as you attempt to place your right leg behind his.


  To regain the attack initiative, release Uke’s lapel with your right hand and raise it above your head. Turn strongly toward your left pulling with your left hand against Uke’s sleeve during the entire turn. As Uke’s right arm reaches your right armpit, clam your right arm down on Uke’s and continue the winding motion.

Leave your right leg in place during this entire twist.  The direction of the throw during your twist should be toward Uke’s right side or right rear corner. As Uke becomes wound tighter around you, your right leg will begin to push against Uke’s legs more.


  To execute the throw, continue to twist to your left. As you reach your limit and can twist no more, lower your right shoulder to the mat which will offer Uke no option but to fall on the mat. This is because you have wrapped or wound Uke around you and left no space for Uke to create an escape. Complete your twist with the reaping of Uke's right leg with your own to cause Uke to land under you on his back.  
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