O Goshi - Major Hip

Gokyo No Waza #6
   Judo Fundamentals  
  Kumikata - Migi          Shizentai - Migi  


  From the right defensive posture (migi jigotai) pull Uke forward or towards his front or right front corner with your right hand. As his body leans forward he will take a step forward on his left foot in order to retain his balance, thereby exposing his left hip to you. At that moment, encircle his body with your right hand and arm along his belt, and draw him towards you - breaking his balance to his direct front (ma mae) or his right front corner (migi mae sumi).  


  Turn into Uke so your right foot is placed on the inner side of his right foot, and pointing in the same direction as Uke's right foot. Bring your left foot backward and a little forward of his left foot.

Project your right hip past his right hip and pull him close to you. (Your hips should be lower than his hips - thereby making his center of gravity higher than yours.) Ideally, your right thigh and hip should be to the outside of Uke's right hip.


  Load his body onto your hips, lifting Uke upwards.  While raising your hips, twist your body from right to left, pulling Uke in the same direction with your left hand which is holding his right outer sleeve.   Lifting Uke with your hips clear of the mat, pull Uke's sleeve with your left hand down towards your left foot.   With your right hand, reach for the big toe of your right foot.  This will unload Uke from your hips.    Uke will pivot over the fulcrum of your hips and fall on his back in front of you.  
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