Obi Otoshi - Belt Drop

Gokyo No Waza #41
   Judo Fundamentals  
  Kumikata - Migi          Shizentai - Migi  


  From migi shizentai pull with your left hand to break Uke’s balance to his migi mae sumi.  As Uke steps with his right foot, release your grip with your right hand and step to your left placing your left foot more than shoulder width outside of Uke’s right foot and your right foot just outside of Uke’s right foot. You should be moving around toward Uke's right side.  


  From this position, take a firm grasp of Uke’s belt with your right hand. As your right hand takes a hold of Uke’s belt, pull it in toward yourself to begin to stabilize Uke’s position. Slide your left foot behind Uke’s legs and place it behind Uke’s feet so that they are blocked from retreating.

You should now be in a position similar to that of Sukui Nage. Now that your left foot is behind Uke’s left foot and your right foot is along side of Uke’s right foot, release your left hand a reach across the front of Uke so that your left arm extends across Uke's chest, preventing him from bending forward. Your right hand should be pulled taught the entire time so that Uke has as little range of motion as possible.


  To execute the technique, lift with your right hand on Uke’s belt and your left hand, prevent Uke from centering his chest above his feet and hips to regain balance. Pull Uke so that Uke is floated up off of the mat with your right hand at his belt while pushing Uke's shoulder backward. The close contact of your left side, armpit and arm against Uke’s abdomen and chest, will help to cause Uke’s shoulders to tilt backward as the feet rise from the mat. At this point, control Uke’s lifted body over your left leg and to the mat at your hidari ushiro sumi.  
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