Morote Gari - Two Hand Reap

Gokyo No Waza #49
   Judo Fundamentals  
  Kumikata - Neutral         Shizentai - Migi  


  Withdraw your left foot and pull Uke forwards with both hands lightly so as to cause Uke to rise a little and step forward with one or both feet. Quickly, release your grasp of Uke’s gi and drive forward placing your right foot between Uke’s feet. As you release your grasp of Uke's gi, snap both of Uke's arms upward so as to provide additional time and room to enter in.  


  As you drive towards Uke with your right foot, lower your hands and shoulders so that you are able to place your right shoulder at Uke’s belt. Your hands should wrap around the outside of Uke’s legs at the knees. Place each hand behind the same side knee, palm against the back of the knee. Make sure that your hips are at the same level or below that of your shoulders. If they are above your shoulders, you will have minimal lifting power and will be prone to counter attacks like Tawara Gaeshi or Hikikomi Gaeshi.  


  To execute the throw, drive forward with your right shoulder into the knot of Uke’s belt. At the same time, pull strongly against the back of Uke’s knees so as to take Uke’s legs off of the mat. Uke will not be able to step backward to regain balance because of your hands nor can he lean forward because of your shoulder. Uke will do a back fall in front of you with you still controlling Uke's legs.  
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