Kuchiki Taoshi - Dead Tree Fall

Gokyo No Waza #50
   Judo Fundamentals  
  Kumikata - Migi         Shizentai - Migi  


  From a normal grip, step with your right foot and lift with both hands so as to set Uke back on the heels. You should be turned toward the left at about 90 degrees.  


  Insert your right foot between Uke’s feet and circle it behind Uke’s right foot so as to lift the foot from the mat. This action should resemble the reaping action of Ko Uchi Gari. With your right hand, continue to push Uke lightly to their left rear corner so that you can use your right foot to scoop Uke’s right foot up to your left hand. Release your grip of Uke’s sleeve with your left hand and using your right foot, feed Uke’s right foot into your left hand and take a hold of the leg.  If possible, try to maintain a grasp of Uke's leg behind the knee.

Warning: Don't allow Uke to keep his lifted right leg between you as this allows for Uke to use Sumi Gaeshi to counter you.

Once you have a hold of Uke’s right leg in your left hand, place your right foot on the mat so that you can bring your left foot up behind it to meet it. This step is needed to allow you to continue your attack with your right foot without falling short.


  To execute the throw, circle your right foot back behind Uke’s left foot which is now bearing all of Uke’s weight as if to execute O Uchi Gari.  Lift slightly with your left hand and drive your right hand to the mat when you reap Uke’s leg away. This will cause Uke to perform a left side fall in front of you while you maintain control of Uke's right leg.  
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