Ko Soto Gari - Minor Outer Reap

Gokyo No Waza #9
   Judo Fundamentals  
  Kumikata - Migi          Shizentai - Migi  


  Pull Uke lightly to his front with both hands, so that he steps forward with his right foot. Then, with the combined action of both hands, break his balance to his migi ushiro sumi so his weight is on both heels. This is done by driving your left hand, against Uke's sleeve, down and towards Uke's front. Your right, lapel hand, lifts Uke slightly and off-balances Uke towards ma ushiro. The direction of this hand is around behind Uke's neck and then towards your left shoulder.  


  Step to Uke’s right side with your left foot so you are at a right angle to him. Draw your right foot just to the front of Uke's right foot so that it is not in the way when you reap Uke's right foot. With your left leg reap his right leg, a little above the heel, in the direction his toes are facing. At the same time, pull down with your left hand holding his right outer sleeve, and push up and back with your right hand which grasps his left lapel. The above three movements - reap, pull and push - must be synchronized.  


  The reaping action of the leg may also be done with by using the back of your left thigh and knee against the back of Uke's right thigh and knee. The contact is very much like that of O Soto Gari. If this method of reaping is selected, make sure the pull Uke across your leg so that as you reap Uke's leg, both feet leave the mat just before his back touches down.

Uke should fall by your feet towards your left side
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