Kani Basami - Crab Claw

Gokyo No Waza #61
   Judo Fundamentals  
  Kumikata - Migi        Shizentai - Migi  


  The kuzushi in this technique is applied with your legs and not your hands. You can however entice Uke to help you break his balance by pulling his left side with your right hand towards you so that he extends his left foot forward. Naturally, he will resist to the rear allowing you the break his balance easier.  


  To enter into the correct position for this technique, you will need to hop off of both feet and wrap your legs around both of Uke’s legs.

To wrap your legs around Uke’s legs, turn towards your left a little so that your right side is towards Uke.  Raise your left leg first and start to bring it behind your right leg. It is your left leg that will be placed behind Uke’s calves and ankles. Now hop, driving with your left leg and raising your right leg so that there is enough force to get your knees past Uke’s first leg. Your right leg will pass in front of Uke’s legs and make contact at the thighs.  This is made easier if you maintain your grasp of Uke’s gi with your right hand while supporting yourself with your left hand so that your shoulders don’t crash to the mat.


  Once your knees are past Uke’s first leg, then drive your right leg back and your left leg forward in a scissors motion while turning strongly to your right. This will cause Uke to fall straight back and land perpendicular to you.  Your right leg will be on top of Uke’s legs and your left leg will be under both of Uke’s legs.

NOTE: This is a prohibited technique and cannot be used in Shiai. Using this technique will result in Tori being penalized with Hansoku Make (disqualification). When performing this technique in practice, take special care not to injure your partner’s knee as this is common for this technique and the main reason it was banned.
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