Junior 2nd Degree Promotion Requirements
  Minimum Age: 6 Years Minimum time at Jr. 1st Degree:  2 months  
  The formal part of the promotion consists of 1/2 written and 1/2 performance. The written is made up of General Information and Vocabulary while the performance is the actual demonstration of throws, hold-downs, arm-bars, chokes, and various other techniques.  Click on the hyperlinks below to hear the names in Japanese.  

Count To 10 In Japanese

Ichi - One San - Three Go - Five Shichi - Seven Ku - Nine
Ni - Two Shi - Four Roku - Six Hachi - Eight Ju - Ten


Jujutsu Gentle Art/Science   Tori Giver of a technique
Kiotsuke Attention   Ichi 1
Rei Bow   Ni 2
Judo Gentle Way   San 3
Ukemi Falls   Shi 4
Dojo Practice hall   Go 5
Obi Belt   Roku 6
Gi Uniform   Shichi 7
Koshi or Goshi Hip or Waist   Hachi 8
Sensei Teacher   Ku 9
Matte Stop!   Ju 10
Uke Receiver of a technique      
  Judo, which means gentle way, is a subset of Jujutsu, which means gentle art/science, and has been practiced in Japan for approximately 600-1000 years.  Jujutsu is most commonly seen in what sport?  Mixed Martial Arts.  


Ashi Foot or Leg   Kesa Scarf
Dan Black Belt Grade   Kote Wrist
Gatame  Lock or Hold   Kuruma Wheel
Guruma Wheel   Kyu Student Rank
Hai Yes   Maitta I Give Up
Hajime Begin   Migi Right
Hidari Left   O Big
Hiza Knee   Tai Body
Iie No   Te Hand
Katame Lock or Hold   Ude Arm

Performance Requirements



Quantity Required

  Wrist Grab Escapes 4
  Clothing Grab Escapes 2
  Bear Hug Escapes 2
  Choke Holds 0
  Choke Hold Escapes 2
  Goiter Escapes 0
  Headlock Escapes 0
  Strikes 3
  Strike Defenses 2
  Weapon Defenses 0
  Joint Locks 0
  Combination Techniques 1
  Multiple Attackers 0
  Throws 4
  Counters To Throws 0
  Ground Control Holds 2
  Ground Escapes 1
  Instructor Selected * 3
  Mental Training 0
  Presentations 0
  Pressure Points 2
  Anatomy 0
  Teaching 0
  Kata 0
  Positional Defenses 0
  Use A Weapon 0
  Kappo/First Aid 3