The 10 Joint Locks of Kodokan Judo

While the Kodokan formally 'recognizes' 10 joint locks in Judo, there are a myriad of variations that can be applied. Joint locks to the neck, wrists, and other parts of the body were removed from Judo in order to make the sport safer for common use. All of the joint locks applied are against the elbow with one single exception. There is one allowed for Kata (Katame No Kata) but it is prohibited in Shiai.

On February 1, 1985, the Kodokan formally 'recognized' Ude Hishigi Ashi Gatame, Ude Hishigi Te Gatame, and Ude Hishigi Sankaku Gatame as joint locks.

Joint Locks with this icon indicate there is a video to accompany the written description.
  Kansetsu Waza (関節技)  
1a. Ude Garami (Up)  
1b. Ude Garami (Down)  
2. Ude Hishigi Juji Gatame  
3. Ude Hishigi Ude Gatame  
4a. Ude Hishigi Hiza Gatame (Bottom)  
4b. Ude Hishigi Hiza Gatame (Kesa)  
5. Ude Hishigi Waki Gatame  
6. Ude Hishigi Hara Gatame  
7. Ashi Garami* (Prohibited)  
8. Ude Hishigi Ashi Gatame  
9. Ude Hishigi Te Gatame  
10. Sankaku Gatame (side)