Hold Downs

Kodokan Judo is made up of a myriad of techniques.  From throwing (nage waza) to choking (shime waza) to immobilizations (osaekomi waza) to joint-locks (kansetsu waza).  These make up the foundation of Kodokan Judo, but only the foundation.  The building itself comes from the Judoka, the individual practitioner.  The art within Judo is derived from being able to assemble the pieces into a whole for others to admire.  
  The videos that are included within are not intended to be the foundation of your Judo learning but only a reference. To learn Judo properly, you need to step onto the mat with a qualified instructor and grip up with a partner. Judo cannot be learned only from reading a book or watching videos, but by working with others under a qualified instructor.  

Osaekomi Waza (抑込技)

7 Generally Accepted Hold Downs Methods Of Escape
Miscellaneous Hold Downs Hold Down Entry Methods