Hane Goshi - Springing Hip

Gokyo No Waza #21
   Judo Fundamentals  
  Kumikata - Migi          Shizentai - Migi  


  From a right natural posture (migi shizentai) use your hands to break Uke’s balance to his right front corner (migi mae sumi). Your left hand should pull his sleeve at shoulder level or a little above and your right hand should lift on his lapel. Your right elbow should be inserted into his left armpit to provide additional lift. Before entering into the throw Uke should be off-balance with most of his weight on the ball of his right foot.  


  When his balance is broken, place your left foot between his feet and forward no more than 12 inches in front of his toes.  Turn your body around to your left so you are a little past being at a right angle to Uke, with your right side against him.

At the same time you are turning, bend your right knee and place the leg against the front of Uke’s right leg with your right foot touching the inside of Uke's right leg. (You are now standing on one leg - your left - and the outer edge of your bent right knee is a little above Uke’s right knee, so that your knee projects a little past his right leg. At this point, you should resemble a pink flamingo standing on one leg.)

Draw Uke’s body close to you and lift him onto your hips with both hands.  Now Straighten your left leg (the one you are standing on) and lift him off the mat with your right hip and leg - in an action resembling a spring suddenly released from tension. Uke should spring up off of the mat and not be swept over as in Harai Goshi.


  Your leg, arms and hip act in concert to lift Uke straight up off of the mat before your hand begin to rotate Uke over your hip.  At this instant, twist your body to the left and strongly pull Uke out and down with both hands.

Uke will describe a circle over your right hip and land at your feet.
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