Exercises & Games


Ukemi Drills (Falling Practice Drills)

Solo Practice Assisted Practice
Shoulder Rolls WMV   Back Falls off of Object
Side Falls WMV   Falls while holding staff
Back Falls WMV   Side falls from all fours
Forward Falls WMV   Side Falls from 1 knee
  Shoulder Rolls (over an object)   Side Falls from Standing
  Side Falls, Side to Side   Forward Rolls Sleeve assisted

Taiso (体操)

Warm - Up Exercises Cool - Down Exercises
Double Arm Pull WMV Good Morning Stretches
Single Arm Pull WMV Slow Walk
Duck Jump WMV Hurdler Stretches
Double Step Shrimp WMV Snake Stretches
Neck Rotation Arm Stretches
Hip Rotation  
Hip Twist  
Knee Rotation  
Ankle Rotation  
Straddle Stretch
Partner Sit-Ups single
Partner Sit-Ups dual
Leg Raises (opt. partner assist)
Shoulder Bridging
Neck Bridging
Jump Squats
Lunge Squats

Children's Games

Turtle Mouse Tails
Tap-Out Switch-back
Horse & Rider Foot-sweep Game
Catch the Horse Balance Game
Sumo Centipede
Caterpillar Race Bacon Game
Bullrush Piggy-back Races
Chicken Fights Carry and Throw
Twirl Crabs
Reverse Ne-Waza Worms
Control M-L-B
Press-up Wars Hawks and Doves
Steal the Belt/Belt Football Gremlins
Stuck in the Mud Drop
Snake and Mongoose Catch the Bull
Inner Tube Tag Past the Legs
Circle Trip Bucking Bronco
Cat and Mouse Sheep and Wolf