Daki Age - High Lift

Gokyo No Waza #54
   Judo Fundamentals  
  Kumikata - Special         Shizentai - Special  


  Uke starts from a lying position on the mat and at your feet. It is likely that when you are performing this technique that you will be fighting off an arm lock or strangulation. There is no kuzushi per se for this technique because of Uke’s already laid out position.  Tori is standing over Uke at the feet and is looking directly at Uke.  


  Reach under Uke’s legs from the inside and then around the thigh to take a firm gasp of Uke’s lapels with each hand. Neither hand crosses Uke's center-line. This will bring Uke’s legs up around your arms and Uke’s hips should leave the mat.   This leaves Uke’s shoulders as the last remaining part of Uke’s body touching the mat.  


  To execute the throw, lower your hips and raise your chest so that you are in a proper lifting position. Lift Uke high off of the mat so that you can then use your arms to drive Uke back down to the mat for the throw. During the execution of the technique, try to lift Uke as high as possible.

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to safety concerns, this throw is not legal in tournament. If you are in Tori’s position and you are being choked or an arm lock is being applied, simply lift Uke off of the mat and this will stop the action so that both of you return to a standing position.
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