The 12 Chokes of Kodokan Judo

The strangulations of Judo consist of blood chokes, some of which require clothing and others that do not. Chokes can be applied from all directions just as throws can be executed from any position. The strangulations of Judo have been modified from their Ju Jitsu counter-parts for what Dr. Kano described as being for the wellbeing of the participants.

Before attempting to learn a choke, you must understand that there is an element of risk involved. If you and your partner are to learn them correctly, start slowly with an emphasis on technique and control, so you don't you hurt each other and have no partner to practice with.

On February 1, 1985, the Kodokan added Sode Guruma Jime, Katate Jime, Ryote Jime, Tsukikomi Jime, and Sankaku Jime to the list of 'recognized' Shime Waza.

Included with the description of each choke is a defense to the choke.

Chokes with this icon indicate there is a video to accompany the written description.
  Shime Waza (絞技)  
1. Nami Juji Jime  
2. Gyaku Juji Jime  
3. Kata Juji Jime  
4a. Hadaka Jime (arm-type)
4b. Hadaka Jime (hand-type)  
5. Okuri Eri Jime  
6. Kata Ha Jime  
7. Do Jime  
8. Sode Guruma Jime  
9. Katate Jime  
10. Ryote Jime  
11. Tsukikomi Jime  
12a. Sankaku Jime (head approach)  
12b. Sankaku Jime (rear facing forward)  
12c. Sankaku Jime (side approach)  
12d. Sankaku Jime (from bottom)