Junior 1st Degree Promotion Requirements
  Minimum Age: 5 Years Minimum time:  3 months  
  Typical time: 3-6 months  
  The formal part of the promotion consists of 1/2 written and 1/2 performance. The written is made up of General Information and Vocabulary while the performance is the actual demonstration of throws, hold-downs, arm-bars, chokes, and various other techniques.  Click on the hyperlinks below to hear the names in Japanese.  

General Information


Junior Ranks (under 17 years old)

  10th Degree Purple Obi
  9th Degree Blue with Purple Stripe Obi
  8th Degree Blue Obi
  7th Degree Green with Blue Stripe Obi
  6th Degree Green Obi
  5th Degree Orange with Green Stripe Obi
  4th Degree Orange Obi
  3rd Degree Yellow with Orange Stripe Obi
  2nd Degree Yellow Obi
  1st Degree White with Yellow Stripe Obi

Judo History

  Judo was formalized as a sport in 1882 by Jigoro Kano who opened the Kodokan (School for the study of the way) in Tokyo, Japan.  Judo was first introduced as an Olympic sport in 1964 in Tokyo, Japan.  
  Unarmed combat in Japan was called Ju-Jitsu, which means "The Gentle Art" and was practiced for about 600-1000 years before Judo was created.  


Judo The Gentle Way   Kiotsuke Attention
Rei Bow   Judoka Judo Players
Ukemi Falls   Guruma Wheel
Soto Outside   O Major
Gari Reap   Koshi or Goshi Hip
Sensei Teacher   Uchikomi Practice without throwing
Hiza Knee   Uke Receiver of a technique
Kata Shoulder   Matte Stop
Tori Giver of a technique   Seoi Shoulder
Gatame or Katame Lock/Hold   Kake Execution of a technique
Ippon (tournament call) One Point!   Nage Throw
Hajime Begin   Seiza Sitting on Knees
Anza Sitting Cross-legged   Kesa Scarf

Performance Requirements



Quantity Required

  Throws 4
  Throwing Combinations 2
  Throwing Defenses 0
  Counter Throwing 0
  Kumi Kata 1
  Grip Breaking 0
  Hold Downs 2
  Hold Down Escapes 2
  Chokes (12 & older) 5
  Miscellaneous 8